So it took a while but i finally got around to finishing my first 2D platformer guide via Udemy. I have been able to grasp a better understanding on coding that I was lacking before and I look forward to continuing forward with it.

Happy to have done it and want to keep on going \o/

Keeping up the routine for coding at the moment. Added a knock back for enemy damage, enemy deaths, re-spawn/reset functions in the level and a lives system.

So I’ve been inactive for a while now, just been trying to live a normal life with a job and finally got that sweet sweet 9-5 Mon-Fri life going on now after being on shift work for over 2 years. NOW I can start planning my evening and what I’m doing now is running through some Udemy courses to learn to code in C# properly.

So I’ve also recently bought some reference books on sailing ships and sea monsters for my game, I think it’ll help a lot in designs and getting a better understanding of the ships that used to sail the seas years ago. :3

So I’ve not been able to sketch as much this past month as I’ve been sorting moving between rooms at home. It is taking longer than expected…but I’ve gotten one of the bigger parts done which was moving across my PC and building my new desk!! :D

Final upload of the 49 days, I tried a 2 page spread of a rocky area with crystals. It was nice but I know I need to keep working hard to actually improve my artwork.
I’ll be restarting this 49 day challenge and increase my hours of work and try to post regularly on here.

Fifth upload with some Gael, here I was trying to draw him as a 2D character for a game. I then rotated back to doing some 2D art for my game.

4th upload of 49 days, Dark Souls 3 DLC came out during this so I drew Lapp and Gael for part of it as I loved their designs <3

Third upload of the pages I drew, as you can tell it was going well. Some days I felt off and some days I felt really productive.

Second post of the pages I drew for the 49 days.

So I spent the last 49 days drawing an hour a day to get more into a routine of drawing daily.